Evocation-The Shadow Archetype

I going to be honest on this one.  I don’t really have a ton to say about this release because I don’t know a ton about this band.  This is my first exposure to Evocation and I know that they are from Sweden and they deal in death metal.  I know….totally out of the ordinary for a Swedish metal band.

However, I do have this to say:  This is an album that is worthy your time.  Rather than focusing on the technical precision that a lot of modern death metal bands are going for these days, Evocation pulls in some pretty awesome GROOOOVE to the mix.  This is honestly death metal that you could dance to.  I can’t say that anything on this album is overly groundbreaking, but what it delivers is really good and really catchy.  I can see myself coming back to this album quite often in the months ahead.

Go grab your favorite girl or boy, put this sucker on and cut a little rug to some glorious Swedish death metal.

4 flip flops out of 5

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