Fit For an Autopsy-The Great Collapse

Fit For an Autopsy is one of the great rabble of deathcore bands populating our metal scene today.  By and large, I really have no use for deathcore, metalcore or any of the other -core sub-genres.  Maybe it’s because I was never a hardcore punk kid.  I understand the evolution of styles of punk and metal coming together (hell, we’d have no thrash metal without it), but this particular style has led to a great mass of generic sounding bands that I have a hard time distinguishing from one another.

In my opinion, Fit For an Autopsy is one of the deathcore bands that stands out amongst the unwashed mass of other bands in this sub-genre.  It seems like most deathcore bands are populated with some really talented players, but the songwriting always seems to take a backseat to the technical flash of the musicians.   Fit For an Autopsy, while still very technically proficient, has figured out that servicing the song is more important than showing off one’s technical chops 100% of the time.

I first stumbled across these guys on 2015’s Absolute Hope Absolute Hell album.  This latest platter isn’t quite as good as their precious effort, but it still manages to showcase some infectious moments.  I hear a lot of Gojira influence on a lot of the riffs and it sounds like a lot of the lyrical themes found on this record go hand in hand with the Gojira environmentally friendly stance.  There are plenty of seriously heavy breakdowns so all the hardcore kids in the pit can lose their collective minds during the live sets.  Albums like this one should further propel this band to the top of the deathcore heap in no time.

3 flip flops out of 5

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