Pallbearer at Barracuda, Austin, TX, 5/13/2017

Pallbearer just seems like one of those bands that might have a chance to breakthrough to some mainstream success.  I get a sense from reviews of their albums that the media has a soft spot for these guys.  It really reminds me of Mastodon’s rise in fame over the years.  Looking back at the first couple of Mastodon albums, I never would have predicted how big of a band they have become.  I have a feeling I’m going to be looking back in a few years and have the same exact feeling regarding Pallbearer.  Their first album is damn near inaccessible in its dreary presentation of doom metal.  It is pure sludge and pure despondency.  However, they have lightened the sullen weight of their presentation over the last couple of albums (see review of Heartless from April 10).  I could be wrong, but I can see heady days coming for these guys.  All they really need is some decent exposure from a nice supporting slot for a larger band.

I’ve seen Pallbearer a couple of times in the past, but this was the first headlining show I’ve seen them perform.  It was nice to get a full presentation of songs from them instead of the usual short opening set (which were normally only 3 songs long due to the epic length of most of their songs).  I have to say that the band’s performance radiated a new level of confidence from the prior times that I have seen them.  This is a band that is in complete control of the stage and you can tell that their past touring has resulted in a tighter live band.  I have to say that it is sometimes jarring hearing the voice of an angel come out of lead guitarist and singer Brett Campbell, who bears a striking resemblance to Dewey Crowe from the TV show Justified.

Some samples:


The Ghost I Used To Be

Worlds Apart

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