Evergrey at The Rock Box, San Antonio, TX, 5/11/2017

On my way out the door to hit the road for this show, my punk rock fiancee asks derisively, “Is this going to be one of those weepy, emo-metal shows?”  My response was a somewhat defensive, “Ummm, NO!  Whatever. Your face is emo-metal.”  Of course, after listening to a shuffle of Evergrey tunes on the way down to San Antonio, I kind of had to be honest with myself and say, “OK, maybe they are a little on the emotive side of metal.  There may actually be some weeping this evening.”  So what?  Metal dudes can be in touch with their feelings, too.

At any rate, I’ve been waiting to see these guys for some time now and they did not disappoint.  This band has been creating a solid catalog of progressive power metal for close to 20 years now.  Even though their lyrical content does center more on the emotional side of things, these guys create a wall of crunchy guitars that are as heavy as any other band going today.  I would have enjoyed hearing a few more songs from their earlier releases, but the songs they did play were delivered in a very strong fashion.  The only real downside to this show was the paltry size of the crowd.  There were probably less than 50 people in attendance.  However, the people that did show up were apparently huge fans and still managed to supply a fairly boisterous response that the band clearly appreciated.

So, did I embrace my inner emo and openly weep in public during the show?  Ummm…NO!!!  Your face is weeping!

OK…maybe I did.  Piss off.

Here are some samples.

Passing Through

The Grand Collapse

A Touch of Blessing (along with a squawking parrot-like creature)

King of Errors


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