The Sword at Mohawk, Austin, TX, 5/5/2017

After this show was over, I really had the feeling that our little band from Austin is all growed up.  These guys put forth a set that proves that this is band with some heft.  After watching these guys come up from the local Austin scene and blossom into an international act, it is impressive to see them at this stage in their career.  No gimmicks.  No b.s.  No cheesy crowd banter.  Just song after song after song.  These guys have become a truly professional band with serious musical chops.

The Sword is still out promoting their High Country and acoustic re-imagined Low Country albums in addition to last week’s release of a live album entitled Greetings From…  The set list pulled heavily from the latest album with a fine sprinkling of classic tracks.  I was somewhat on the fence when High Country came out.  The marked change of direction from their earlier albums didn’t quite click with me.  However, the more I hear these songs and, especially hearing them in a live setting, I really believe that I kind of missed the boat on my early impressions.  The newer material seems to have more in common with ZZ Top or Molly Hatchet than the Sabbath influences of the earlier albums.  Even the older songs were delivered with a dash of southern fried flavor. The new direction just works really well and the songs really exhibit a diversity that bodes well for The Sword going forward.  I think they’ve made the move to distinguish themselves from the rabble of Sabbath-influenced bands active today and are beginning to create a more original space for themselves.  I really believe that good things are coming down the road for these guys going forward.

Some samples:

Arcane Montane

Tres Brujas

Mist & Shadow

Mother, Maiden & Crone

Lawless Lands

Cloak of Feathers

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