Another day, another awesome debut album.  Awesome bands just keep pouring out of the ether.  This is why I love metal.  Each week that comes around, I can never tell what new band is going to pop up in my feed and just blow me away.

These guys are grim.  Listen to some of the song titles on this slab of textured and moody death metal:  “Fall to Depravity”, “Our Trivial Toil”, “Diminish”, and “The Endling”.  Obviously, this will be an album you want to put on during the family barbecue.  I can’t imagine a better soundtrack to slamming hot dogs and beer into your face than “Our Trivial Toil”.  Feel good hit of the summer!

I kid, of course.  The older I get it seems like this is the style of death metal that I am drawn to more and more.  It’s less about razor-edged riffs that will rip your face off, but more about creating these dissonant aural landscapes.  The dueling guitars just play off one another perfectly and just create a sense of foreboding that sucks one down into the mire being created.  This is an album for an introspective mood and should be optimally listened to in a windowless room lit only by candlelight.  Grim.  Perfect soundtrack for 2017.

4.5 flip flops out of 5

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