Elder-Reflections of a Floating World

Elder is an underground metal band that is kind of hard to categorize.  They have elements of stoner, doom, jam band and a dash of post-metal in their sound.  They are a band that has just quietly gone about their business over the years and have crafted a very solid discography.  Their latest release is damn near as perfect of an album as you are going to find this year.

The latest album is six songs in length and every one of them clocks in at near or over 10 minutes in length.  Even though all of the songs are lengthy, none of them ever drag or feel as though they have been padded with unnecessary fluff.  Each one keeps the listener’s attention as they meander through their sonic tales.

Elder is one of those bands whose members just seem completely in tune with one another.  The interplay between all three instruments are in perfect harmony throughout this album.  This is an album that is not going to smash you in the face.  Rather, this is one to pull out for the metalhead’s introspective moments.

Check them out when they roll into town on October 20.

5 flip flops out of 5


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