Decapitated is one of those bands that I just can’t help but root for because they just seem like a band that is going to be forever relegated to underground status.  And, it’s a damn shame, because these guys simply have the talent and the infectious energy that should warrant them a wider audience.  These guys have plugged away in their native Poland since they were teenagers and have suffered through the loss of a drummer and singer due to a tour bus accident early in their career.  Their sound has always kind of taken a technical death metal template and added a measure of groove to the proceedings.   Death metal you can dance to, if you will.  Kind of like a Polish Lamb of God with a dash of Sepultura.

Seeing as though I always view an upcoming Decapitated release as a reason to celebrate, my expectations for the new album were fairly high.  Their last release, 2014’s Blood Mantra, was a downright barn burner of an album.  The new album is really, really good, but doesn’t quite make it into the great category.  Songs like Kill This Cult, Earth Scar and Impulse are going to shine in their upcoming live show.  The new album just seems a little light overall.  There are a total of eight songs with one of them kind of acting as an outro for the album.  So, really seven full songs.  The album just seems to fly by.  I think this is the main thing keeping this one from truly reaching the heights of some of their past efforts.

Decapitated will be making the rounds across the State this summer and will be hitting Austin on August 26 at Come and Take It Live.

4 flip flops out of 5

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