Wintersun-The Forest Seasons

One of my favorite means of describing a band to someone is using the love child method.  You know, such and such band makes hot passionate love to another band and the resulting love child is the band at hand.  So, in this vein, Wintersun seems like the product of the love coupling of Helloween and Dimmu Borgir.  You’ve got a nice melding of the jolly power metal ramblings of Germany’s purveyors of pumpkin with a dash of the theatrical black metal menace of Norway’s gothy ghouls.  Lead dude Jari Maenpaa’s shrieks really remind me of Dimmu’s Shagrath, but he is able to combine some nice clean vocals into the mix which adds a little more diversity to the overall presentation.

This latest album sees Wintersun crafting a four-part yarn set to the four seasons.  Each track is well over 10 minutes in length and are full of fantasy and bombast.  The tracks offer up enough diversity to keep them from getting repetitive or stale.  I’d say that this is probably a good record to start in on if you’re new to the black metal game.  Overall, this is a very accessible album in that it combines some of the black metal stylings with some of the more traditional power metal sounds.

3.5 flip flops out of 5

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