Inanimate Existence-Underneath a Melting Sky

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Inanimate Existence is another one of those super technical death metal bands trying desperately to distinguish themselves from the great rabble of sound-alike bands that populate this sub-genre.  My first exposure to them was 2014’s A Never-ending Cycle of Atonement and while that album was technically impressive, there just wasn’t enough to make any of the songs on that album really stand out in any memorable manner.  I had honestly kind of forgotten about this band until seeing this latest release pop up on the calendar.  I’m pleasantly surprised to say that I think these guys have latched onto something cool that will hopefully raise the band’s profile.

This album sees the lineup reformed into the ultimate power trio and it’s a massive amount of sound that these guys produce.  Whereas their past work was more of an onslaught of never-ending blast beats and pummeling riffs, it seems as though the guys decided to pull back on the reigns a bit on this new offering.  The result is a slower-paced album that contains much more dynamics and interesting sidebars that elevate the songs as a whole.  Granted, this is still brutal death metal, but there are some really cool acoustic passages and some sort of jazz-fusion bits mixed in to the basic foundation of the death metal for which they are known.  The songs are better served with these additions.  I really like the direction, guys.  Keep exploring these avenues.

3 flip flops out of 5

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