The Contortionist-Clairvoyant

The Contortionist is one of these bands that started their career out in the death metal world and have proceeded to evolve further into the land of prog with each successive release.  This latest album really feels like a band throwing the gauntlet down and announcing themselves as one of the leaders of this new wave of prog metal bands.  If you fancy yourself a fan of Anathema, Riverside, A Perfect Circle, Cynic or the more mellower moments of Between the Buried and Me, then The Contortionist is a band you should definitely check out.

Clairvoyant straddles all measure of different tones and emotions.  There are heartbreakingly tender and emotional moments throughout that are played against harsh and discordant rhythms.  The pace and diversity found on this album keeps things from getting stale or boring.  This album is really a perfect illustration of what a stellar prog album should be.  It’s technically impressive without devolving into self-indulgent wankery.  Everything included serves to feed the song.

This is a band with a very high threshold going forward.

4.5 flip flops out of 5

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