Chelsea Wolfe-Hiss Spun

Well, that’s just a downright terrifying album cover.  She looks like one of those hairy spiders that you’ve cornered with a broom and she is damn near close to jumping out and biting your face off.  I don’t even like looking at this damn thing.  Which is a shame, because the album contained within is a pretty damn good slab of drone/goth/sludge madness.  Actually, the album cover is a perfect visualization for the bleak contents therein.

Credit where credit is due.  The only reason I got into Chelsea Wolfe in the first place is because the punk rock fiancée took me to one of her shows a few years ago.  So, kudos to you, sweetie, for finding a good one.  I can’t say that her initial performance really did a whole lot for me.  The performance and music were more of a curiosity than anything because it wasn’t the type of music that I normally gravitate towards.  However, since that first live impression, Miss Wolfe has been incorporating a heavier sound into her past couple of releases.  It’s not metal per se, but it’s definitely heavy as shit.  She combines an ethereal vocal style that kind of epitomizes mental anguish and layers it on top of some serious drone guitars and bass textures.  The whole thing is very unique and very gothic.  This is music for the apocalypse.

As a public service announcement, she will be playing live this Friday night at the Paramount Theater.  Me and my flip flops will be in attendance.  I dare you to go and wear anything other than black.  I’ll buy a beer for anyone who shows up in pastels.

4 flip flops out of 5

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