Exhumed-Death Revenge

It just seemed appropriate to go with a review of Exhumed’s new platter on Halloween.  The long-standing gore obsessed death metal outfit went with a full-on concept record and it is actually perfect for your Halloween celebrations this evening.  I especially love the old school exploitation horror movie inspired album cover.

The story centers on a true crime tale from Scotland in the 1800s where a medical school was having a hard time finding cadavers on which to conduct research.  A couple of psychopathic cretins started murdering people and robbing graves to obtain bodies to sell to the school.  Real heart warming tale.  Alas, this whole episode ending up with a law being passed where people could legally leave their bodies to science to prevent any further profit driven murder sprees.

Musically, this one is pretty much straight ahead death metal.  Exhumed are a little less brutal than some of their death metal brethren.  There are catchy hooks aplenty on this one and the riffs just keep coming.

3.5 flip flops out of 5

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