Thoughts on 2017 in the World of Metal

Well, here we are again, loyal readers.  Another trip around the sun is almost complete.  While 2017 has been in general a gigantic dumpster fire (I mean, seriously…nuclear war is a real possibility again.  Hooray!  People are awesome!), the World of Metal has just slugged itself along and produced some very quality moments once again.  I would have thought that the output would be a little more on the angry side of things in light of everything in the world seemingly going to shit all at once.  Maybe 2018 will be the year of Angry Metal.

Reviewing the great mass of metal album released, this year has belonged to smaller up-and-coming bands and bands releasing their debuts albums as opposed to the more established acts.  This gives me quite a bit of hope for the overall health of the genre.  New bands just keep coming and are producing quality music.

On the sad side of things, 2017 is the year that we saw the last of live performances by Black Sabbath and the end of The Dillinger Escape Plan as an entity altogether.  2017 wasn’t quite the graveyard that 2016 was, but we did say goodbye to Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Paul O’Neil, Martin Eric Ain and Malcolm Young.

It looks like the album release schedule for 2018 is going to be fairly strong with new albums due from Judas Priest, Saxon, Corrosion of Conformity, Behemoth, and Tribulation.

The 2017 Best of Metal list will begin tomorrow and run through December 31.

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