Best of Metal 2017: #3 Elder-Reflections of a Floating World

This is one of those albums that is going to be in my rotation for many years to come.  This is really how the stoner/doom band thing should be handled.  Each song is a really long journey, but whereas some bands tend to just meander with no real direction or cohesion, Elder is in complete control.  It’s adventurous, but never self-indulgent.  Everything is just contained perfectly.  And the guitar work.  Oh, the lovely, lovely guitar work.  This is just a master class in technique and songcraft.  Top notch album from a very top notch band.

Release date:  6/2/2017

Personnel:  Nick DiSalvo-vocals/guitar, Jack Donovan-bass, Matt Couto-drums

Origin:  Boston, MA

Rating:  5 flip flops out of 5

The list so far:

3.  Elder-Reflections of a Floating World
4.  Body Count-Bloodlust
5.  Cormorant-Diaspora
6.  Bison-You Are Not the Ocean, You Are the Patient
7.  Mastodon-Emperor of Sand/Cold Dark Place
8.  Wolves in the Throne Room-Thrice Woven
9.  Quicksand-Interiors
10.  Alluvial-The Deep Longing For Annihilation
11.  Byzantine-The Cicada Tree
12.  Sorcerer-The Crowning of the Fire King
13.  Zaius-Of Adoration
14.  Royal Thunder-Wick
15.  Steven Wilson-To the Bone
16.  Pallbearer-Heartless
17.  Spotlights-Seismic
18.  Cavalera Conspiracy-Psychosis
19.  Ancient Ascendant-Raise the Torch
20.  Galactic Cowboys-Long Way Back to the Moon

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