Between the Buried and Me at Come and Take It Live, Austin, TX, 3/19/2018

Even though it doesn’t appear that Between the Buried and Me can cure the common cold (your intrepid reporter is currently suffering greatly from a post-SXSW malaise), they sure did supply a salve to my soul last night.  It’s actually been a damn long time since I’ve been to a proper live metal show.  I was reminded in a very powerful manner why metal is best consumed in a live setting.

Between the Buried and Me is back on the road in support of a new album that just came out last week (the review of which will probably be up tomorrow).  Justifiably so, the band’s set focused heavily on the new material, which came across very well in the live setting.  The sold out crowd was bursting at the seams in the cramped quarters of Come and Take It Live, but in spite of the sweaty and packed environment, the crowd remained in good spirits throughout and was impressive in its knowledge of the new material even though it hasn’t been available for very long.

BtBaM is a band that is just peaking right now in terms of creativity and performance.  During the set, I just kept feeling like I was witnessing this generation’s version of Rush.  I looked at a bunch of the younger fans in attendance and wondered if they felt the same way I did the first time I saw Rush back in the 1980s.  The level of musicianship that was collectively brought to the stage by BtBaM is just jaw-dropping at times.  They manage to bring in so many different aspects of metal, progressive, electronic and new wave music to their sound and meld them in such a unique manner that can only be described by the name, Between the Buried and Me.  You will know these guys when you hear them because there is really no other band out there that sounds like this.  To me, that’s the hallmark of a truly groundbreaking band.  These guys are the tops and this was one of those shows that I felt lucky to experience up close.

The Coma Machine


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