The Sword at Mohawk, Austin, TX 3/21/2018

I’m just going to say it.  It’s not really letting a big secret out of the bag or anything, but The Sword is just the best little metal band to ever come out of our fine little city.  It was certainly nice of them to kick off the upcoming tour cycle for their new album, Used Future, in their hometown on Wednesday evening.

The set featured around five or six new cuts off of the new record that is to be released tomorrow.  Based on the new songs played, it feels like they are continuing down the southern-fried influence of their last album, High Country.  The songs don’t quite have the aggression of the older material, but it’s still metal.  This isn’t the up-and-coming, Sabbath-worshiping Sword, but rather, this is a Sword that has come of age and is comfortable in who they have become as an entity.  It really feels like the band is fully embracing this new sound and the newer direction doesn’t feel forced or put upon.  It’s still The Sword, but just with a little added boogie to its giddy-up.  Take a listen.

Also, this show was streamed live on YouTube.  The feed is still available if you’d like to see a professionally shot version of the entire show.


New Song

Mist & Shadows

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