Levitation Fest: Electric Wizard, Russian Circles and The Well at Stubb’s, Austin, TX 4/27/2018


Filthy.  Just a dirty, grimy, nasty live rock n’ roll show.  And it was glorious.

This was my first experience seeing Electric Wizard live and it more than lived up to their reputation.  These Black Sabbath-worshiping heathens from England don’t give a shit about your feelings.  They’re not really into manners.  They are a little scary.  A little shocking.  A little taboo.  And they deliver a helluva sludgy metal fest that seriously eclipses the output they produce in the studio.  Some bands excel in the studio.  Some in a live setting.  After seeing their show firsthand, I can safely say that Electric Wizard should only be listened to in a live setting.  The crunchy guitar sound just pounded across the Austin night air.  The coupling of their sound with the vintage 70s era exploitation occult film clips projected on the overhead awning at Stubb’s just made it feel like one just tripped into a wormhole.  This was one of those shows where I was genuinely upset when it was over.

Russian Circles supplied the middle slot on the night’s bill and once again stated in bold fashion that they are one of the tightest metal trios in the world today.  They came out with blistering set that focused on more of the heavier side of their catalog than I’m used to seeing.  Pounding percussive riffs just didn’t stop throughout their hour-long set.

Opening the night’s festivities was local stoner group, The Well.  I’ve seen this trio perform a number of times in Austin and it was cool getting to see them command a little larger stage and audience than I think they are used to seeing.  Their sound was perfect for The Levitation Fest crowd and their Sabbath inspired riffs were met with many a knowing head bob by the multitude of headbangers/stoners in attendance.

Just a great show all around.  This will probably end up being one of the better shows I see this year.

Enjoy the samples below.  Sorry for the video quality on the Electric Wizard clips.  The smoke and light show makes focusing difficult.  Plus, I’m just a shitty I-phone videographer.  The sound is still pretty good.  So, there’s that.

Russian Circles-Vorel

Electric Wizard-Black Mass

Electric Wizard-See You In Hell

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