Revocation-The Outer Ones

Back in the 70s, it seemed like bands never took any breaks.  It wasn’t unheard of for bands to release not one, but two full-length studio albums of original material.  There weren’t any of these double-digit year breaks between albums like you see with some of the bigger names in metal.  Revocation brings that old school blue-collar work ethic back.  This latest album is the seventh full-length LP released by Revocation in the past ten years.  They are a thrash death metal machine and I absolutely love them for it.

So, I’ve gushed about these guys before.  They remind me of old school Megadeth crossed with a modern technical death metal sound.  Dave Davidson should be this generation’s Mustaine.  He is just in a class of his own in terms of technical prowess and the ability to craft an innovative and catchy riff.  This latest album is right in line with what you would expect from Revocation, but it seems like the riffs are a little more harnessed or a little more focused this time around.  The album isn’t slow by any measure, but it just feels like things are a little less chaotic.  The results are a concise and extremely infectious album.  I know these guys have a solid underground base of fandom and I keep waiting for them to explode a little more in terms of mainstream metal acceptance.  Maybe this will be the album to fully blow them up.

4 flip flops out of 5

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