Saxon at Come and Take It Live, Austin, TX 2/14/2019

I feel sadness for those in the world who have never witnessed a Saxon live show.  This being the celebration of their 40th year as a band, it goes without saying that the boys have gotten their performances down.  But it never feels like jaded pros just going through the motions.  I mean, shit, the eldest guys in the group have got to be pushing 70 at this point.  You’d honestly have to understand if they weren’t giving it 100% on an average night at a small club in Austin, TX on a random Thursday night running through their umpteenth-thousandth or so performance of Wheels of Steel.  But there they were just banging through their massive catalog of songs like a much younger band with plenty to prove.  Biff is just an ageless wonder.  Headbanging and jumping up and down like a maniac with a mischievous gleam in his eye like he still can’t believe people are still paying him to do this shit.  This band is a fucking institution and if you haven’t seen them play, get to rectifying that shit immediately.  They aren’t going to be going forever.  You’ve got to cherish the special ones.

Strong Arm of the Law


Princess of the Night

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