Fractal Universe-Rhizomes of Insanity

I think the neatest thing I just learned about this band is that they hail from Nancy, France.  Say it out loud.  It’s fun.  Nancy, France.

So you’ve got a tight little death metal outfit from France on album number two for their career.  I guess the normal inclination would be to compare these guys to fellow countrymen, Gojira.  Well, that was just be downright lazy.  These guys don’t sound anything like Gojira.  These guys are more in line with the massive amount of other slickly-produced technical death metal bands going today.  The sound is so polished on this thing that it is damn near sanitized.  And I think that’s honestly my biggest complaint here.  It’s too clean.  There’s just no rough edges at all and the whole thing just feels like it has been manufactured in a lab.  The talent in the band can’t really be denied.  It’s professional and delivered in a supremely talented fashion.  But, like a lot of bands that trade in this sub-genre, I just wasn’t left with anything to really hang onto after a couple of listens.  Memorability.  That’s really the one thing that this one lacks.  An hour after listening to it I honestly couldn’t really remember anything concrete from what I heard.  No tracks infectiously wormed their way into my brain.

Nancy, France.

3 flip flops out of 5

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