Royal Thunder at The Lost Well, Austin, TX 5/26/2019

Seeing Royal Thunder in person is witnessing what it is truly like for a hard working band slogging through the trenches of metal in a bid to get their music out to a wider audience.  This was not a glamorous scene.  It wasn’t the high gloss of stardom you see out at the 360 Amphitheater or at the Moody Theater.  This is done purely for the love of the music and an innate passion to push the vehicle forward regardless of the venue or of the size of the crowd.  And I just find seeing bands this talented and underappreciated as Royal Thunder are as an inspiring story.  No one is getting rich here.  This is a grind.  And the most amazing thing is that their station in the world of music could lead them to become jaded assholes.  But it doesn’t.  These guys sincerely seem appreciative from whatever positive feedback comes from the crowd.  I don’t know what the future holds for Royal Thunder, but I hope they get some positive breaks in the future.  Because they are simply an amazing band with a sound that is unique in the metal world.  It’s world weary rock n’ roll all delivered through the passionate vocals of Mlny Parsonz.  I always said that I felt Chris Cornell had the best voice in the metal world.  With his passing, I honestly believe that Miss Parsonz has claimed that mantle.  Just amazing pipes.

Please go support these guys if they make it through your town.  Buy a ticket and spring for an album/tour shirt/sticker if you are able.  I can’t implore this enough.  These bands are the life-blood of metal.  This story deserves a happy ending.

April Showers

Forgive Me Karma

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