MONO and Emma Ruth Rundle at Barracuda, Austin, TX 5/30/2019

From bombastic swells to quiet interludes, MONO’s set last night ran the gamut of post-metal soundscapes.  I’m new to MONO only having purchased their latest album, Nowhere Now Here, a couple of months ago.  From my limited exposure to their sound and from last night’s extravaganza, I have to put them in the same sort of category as Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky, but just way, waaaaaayyyyy heavier.  You’ll notice that the video sample of their set below was shot from fairly far back in the crowd.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I was way up close for their first two songs and then had to retreat from the absolute sonic assault that issued forth from this fearsome foursome from Japan.  Damn, this was the loudest show I can remember in recent memory.  My ears are damn near destroyed already from years of doing this shit, but Jesus, I felt downright pain when they started in on the heavy shit.  The very definition of a wall of sound.

“My name is Emma and I’d like to share some songs with you.”  Opening up the show this evening was Emma Ruth Rundle and her backing band.  Rundle has been in a few other projects (Marriages and Red Sparowes) over the years, but seems to be focusing mainly on this cool solo effort of late.  Her latest album, Dark Horses, is somewhat following in the early Chelsea Wolfe footsteps in laying out an almost dark and gothic folk style of music.  In a way, I could see her solo material fitting right in on a soundtrack of a western movie directed by Jim Jarmusch, if that makes any sense at all.

At any rate, this was a cool and unique double bill.  It was cool to see a couple of bands that provide a little something different than what I normally get into.


Emma Ruth Rundle

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