Inanimate Existence and Warforged at Come and Take It Live, Austin, TX 6/17/2019

Death Metal Monday should really be a thing.  Nothing like slagging through the first day of the work week and ending it at a sparsely filled metal club while getting bludgeoned by a wall of death metal sounds.  Makes the following Tuesday morning alarm an absolute treat.

So, here’s one of these shows where I went primarily to check out the opening band.  Chicago’s Warforged is touring off their debut full-length (see review of I: The Voice from June 7).  I was so impressed by this quirky album that I decided to spend my Monday evening checking out their live show.  And it didn’t disappoint.  These guys don’t really look the part of a metal band appearance-wise, but they brought a confident and energetic set of songs from said debut album.  These guys have a different spin on your traditional death metal sound and it keeps things interesting.  I’m looking forward to see where these guys take it in the future.

This is in stark comparison to headliner Inanimate Existence.  IE is among the technical death metal bands with whom I find myself increasingly frustrated.  These guys have talent for miles.  The technical chops of these guys are completely off the charts.  But, it feels as though riffing and especially soloing as fast as humanly possible has become the sole focus here instead of crafty truly memorable songs.  Songs just run seamlessly into one another with no real personality or hook to differentiate one from the next.  Just stomp on the gas and let this puppy rip.   And I guess that’s cool for the first couple of songs, but I just kind of lost focus over the remainder of the set.



Inanimate Existence

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