Novembers Doom-Nephilim Grove

Man, Novembers Doom is one of those bands that I have just slept on for some reason.  There are so many damn fine bands in the world that its impossible to hit them all and there are bound to be some really good bands that just fall through the cracks for everyone.  I feel kind of bad admitting that Nephilim Grove is my first real exposure to this death/doom band out of Chicago that has been cranking out albums since the mid-90s.

The biggest thing that really hooked me on this album is vocalist Paul Kuhr.  Those of you that know me well know that I am a huge fan of Nevermore.  It still hurts that the world is never going to get to hear the plaintive wail of Warrel Dane since his passing a couple of years ago.  There are times on this album in which it feels that Kuhr is downright channeling the lower end range of Dane.  It’s just eerie.  The band itself reminds me a bit of Nevermore in places, but with less aggression and chaos.  Their sound is more of a slow burn and it is one of those albums that you should sit with a bit.  I feel like this one has grown on me with each listen.

4 flip flops out of 5

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