2019 Best of Metal: #16 Cave In-Final Transmission

Release date:  7/12/2019

Origin:  Methuen, MA

Personnel:  Stephen Brodsky-vox/guitar/bass, Adam McGrath-guitar/vox, Caleb Scofield-bass/guitar/vox, John-Robert Conners-drums/vox

This was a touching and bittersweet posthumous album for Caleb Scofield.  Scofield passed away from injuries sustained in a car accident in 2018.  Luckily, Scofield had recorded some parts for Cave In’s next album prior to his death and those parts were incorporated into Last Transmission.  Overall, this is a very somber affair that captures the sadness of losing a friend and band member.  This one has quite a bit of depth and the emotions that created this album are on full display.

4 flip flops out of 5

The list so far:

16.  Cave In-Final Transmission
17.  The Neal Morse Band-The Great Adventure
18.  Borknagar-True North
19.  Herod-Sombre Dessein
20.  Vintersea-Illuminated

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