Lucifer at Come and Take It Live, Austin, TX 1/17/2020

And away we go!!  First concert of 2020.  Man, it’s been a while since my last show and it was nice to get my middle-aged ass back into the pit.  2020 starts out with Lucifer strolling into town.  No, not that Lucifer.  Not the big man. Head honcho. Prince of Darkness and all that jazz.  No, this Lucifer is a retro, Sabbath worshiping, 70s era occult rocking band out of Sweden who is still touring in support of their second album.  Lucifer is probably more known for its key players former bands than their current incarnation.  Vocalist Johanna Sadonis was the frontwoman of the short lived, but super cult fave The Oath and her main songwriting partner and husband, drummer Nicke Andersson, is more known for his work in Entombed and The Hellacopters.  Ultimately, Lucifer is a continuation of what Sadonis started with The Oath.  In a nice shout out to their main influence, Sadonis was rocking a purple velvet jumpsuit with fringes along the sleeves that would have made a young Ozzy very proud.  The band hit a good chunk of their latest album with a few surprise tracks off their new album which is supposed to drop sometime later this year.  They even worked in a nice cover of Sabbath’s Snowblind and one of ZZ Top’s Beer Drinkers and Hellraisers, which was a nice shout out to the Texas crowd.


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