Cirith Ungol-Forever Black

Here’s another one of these kind of strange band reunions.  Cirith Ungol was a fairly underground metal band who had a brief career in the 80s and released their last album back in 1991.  I’m guessing the whole retro-metal fad that has had a bit of a run in metal of late is fueling some of these reunions.  At any rate, it looks like a number of the guys that played with the original incarnation of Cirith Ungol are along for the ride on the 2020 version of the band.

I’ll admit that I grew up during the heyday of this band and I honestly can’t remember ever hearing any of their songs.  I think they were an unsung band who was toiling in the brand of power metal pioneered by Dio.  Lots of fantasy tales delivered in that NWOBHM flavored metal.  This latest album doesn’t really do much in changing that formula.  This album could have definitely been released in the mid to late 80s and it would fit right in.  There are some catchy riffs and hooks found on here, but overall it is kind of easy to see why these guys never really broke through to the masses.  They’re a nice solid band if you’re into this kind of metal, but I can’t say that you’d be missing much if you decided to let this one pass you by.

3 flip flops out of 5

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