Plague Years-Circle of Darkness

Plague Years provides a nice entry into the old school crossover thrash metal canon. This one reminds me in so many ways to Power Trip in the recording techniques used and the structure of the songs. The vocals sound as if they were recorded in a deep, dark underground bunker. It sounds as if there is an echo effect used to make vocalist Tim Englehardt voice sound as if he is located far away from the remainder of the band. Englehardt doesn’t have quite the dynamism of Riley Gale, but the recording effect gives him the same sort of sound that Gale used. The guitars are also in that same sweet crunchy riffs and whammy bar heavy solos that Power Trip favored. In addition to Power Trip, it feels like old school Sepultura might be a big influence on these guys. The biggest variation that Plague Years brings to the crossover school of metal is a lot longer songs than one normally finds in this genre. As a result, this one feels a little more meatier than you’re typical minute and a half to two minute scorchers that are typical of this genre. Ultimate verdict, this is a keeper if you’re still feeling the loss of Riley Gale and are looking for the next band to pick up the mantle set by Power Trip. This feels like a promising band.

4 flip flops out of 5

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