Oceans of Slumber-Oceans of Slumber

I’m kind of torn on writing up this review. Oceans of Slumber is a band out of Houston that I’ve seen a number of times opening up for other bands and I’ve been a fan of their unique spin on metal. In a way, these guys are a difficult band to peg into one specific genre because they span quite a few. They have sort of blended doom, prog, goth, a sort of theatrical metal and a dash of death metal into one entity. This myriad of styles works in some respects and kind of hinders them in others.

The latest album is beautiful, but I’m just not certain yet whether it really stands together as a cohesive piece. By and large, this is a showcase for vocalist Cammie Gilbert. And shine, she does. She’s got a very unique and powerfully epic voice. And the band is doing everything that they can to craft some epic song for her to sing over. My issue is that the epicness of this thing starts to verge into the land of over-the-top melodrama and histrionics that just leaves me feeling flat. The songs are so grand in their production that the feeling is just squeezed completely out and it just starts to feel stale and antiseptic after a while. With a song title such as “I Mourn These Yellowed Leaves”, “The Adorned Fathomless Creation”, and “The Soundtrack to My Last Day”, you can kind of get a sense of where this record is headed thematically. It’s fucking epic, man. Plus, it’s also long as fuck. Seriously, pack a sack lunch before starting this journey because you’re going to need a snack halfway in.

I don’t know. Maybe this one just caught me on the wrong day, but I just kind of wish these guys would cut loose a little more. There’s talent in this band, but this latest effort just seems to wallow a bit too much in its own grandiosity for it’s own good.

3.5 flip flops out of 5

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