Infera Bruo-Rites of the Nameless

Every time I come across a new black metal band, my first thought is “Well, from which dark corner of Scandinavia is this band crawling?” I sort of feel like a perpetuator of stereotypes every so often when a blackened band comes out of a weird locale. All I really know about today’s featured band is they hail from Boston and they have created a crusty black slab of metal that rivals anything coming out of the Scandinavian north. Hell, I guess Boston could muster up enough of a winter hellscape to inspire this much of a paean of misanthropic desolation as Infera Bruo has produced with Rites of the Nameless. The only other fun fact I found researching these guys is that Infera Bruo means “hellish noise” in Esperanto. At least that’s what the internet tells me. So, you know, obviously a true claim.

This album feels like a bit of a progressive spin on the traditional black metal sound. Sure, there’s your blastbeats and typical black metal guitar stylings, but they include enough interesting atmospheric touches and more melodic sections to keep things from getting too bogged down in the blackness of the thing. Overall, this is really a very enjoyable listen for such a hellish noise. (See how I circled back there)

4 flip flops out of 5

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