Mors Principium Est-Seven

Mors Principium Est is out with what I’m thinking might be their seventh album. Not entirely sure. It’s a little unclear from the album title.

So, these guys are basically down to two permanent dudes in the band at this point. They are listed as a Finnish band and they may have started out that way, but I think it’s one Finnish dude and one English dude left. At any rate, you’ve got a European hard driving melodic death metal duet at this point, I guess.

So, in a way, it’s kind of hard to slag on this one. Technically and professionally, this one shines. The issue with this album is that there isn’t anything that distinguishes it as being memorable at all. As I said, it is a very hard driving album. Heavy on the speed and lots of flourishing guitar and keyboard fills throughout. But it just never stops. Every song on here seems to have the same tempo, structure and flares. I can’t tell where one song ends and another begins. The entire thing just runs together in my mind when I try to think back on individual songs.

Ultimately, this is kind of the issue with Mors’ entire career up to this point. Their output isn’t bad by any stretch. These guys are fine musicians, but there’s just nothing special to grab hold of on here. It’s a nice effort, but one relegated to remain amongst the rabble of other melo-death bands.

3 flip flops out of 5

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