Levitation Fest Kickoff Show featuring The Sword, Empire Control Room, Austin, TX, 10/27/2021

Hot damn! Austin actually had a music fest take place. Yeah, I know ACL was last month. But, screw those pretentious assholes. If you can’t include at least one metal band on the lineup, I simply refuse to acknowledge you as a proper fest.

Levitation Fest is the psychedelic focused fest that takes over a number of the downtown clubs in Austin each fall. The lineup for this fest is usually fairly eclectic and kind of runs all over the map in terms of rock, metal and electronica. Portland’s Red Fang was originally intended to kick off the fest this year, but they ended up cancelling their touring plans due to covid fears. In their place, we got to see hometown metal heroes The Sword blister through a nice hour plus set. Since The Sword hasn’t put out any new music out in a while and they weren’t trying to showcase a new album, the setlist was a nice balance of tracks from throughout their career. I got to admit that it sometimes feels as though this town doesn’t quite show enough appreciation for these guys. From their Sabbatherian beginning to their current embrace of a more southern fried sound, these guys have curated an enviable catalog of solid metal tunes. This show was a good reminder of what a good live band these guys are. Hopefully this will act as a catalyst to get these dudes back in the studio.

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