First album review of 2022. If this sucker is any indication of the quality of release coming down the pike this year, we are in line for a stellar year of metal.

This is an epic blast of prog metal that simply hits that sweet spot. Sometimes an album like this can become a bit overblown. This one walks a fine line and it is a perfect example of how to craft a grandiose slab of prog. The scope of this album is kind of all over the place. You’ve got classic prog metal. A bit of symphonic flourishes. A dash of death metal. A splash of folk elements. This is simply a seriously ambitious album and they completely stick the landing. You will be able to hear all kinds of influences running through this thing from Rush to The Beatles to Opeth to dramatic movie soundtracks. The breadth of this one is truly staggering. It makes it all the more impressive to me since this is my first exposure to this band. Count me as a fan…one who wishes he discovered them sooner.

If you’ve got a prog itch, definitely check this one out.

4.5 flip flops out of 5