Omnium Gatherum at Grizzly Hall, December 12, 2016

If you were teaching a class in Metal 101 and you wanted to provide your class with what the prototypical Metal band should look like on stage, you would have a hard time finding a more Metal example of a band than Finland’s Omnium Gatherum.  These guys have been crafting professional melodic death metal for many a year now.  If you’ve had a stumbling block getting into death metal, OG is a really good introductory band.  Their sound is just your classic Iron Maiden-inspired metal with a death growl master on the mic instead of Bruce Dickinson’s air raid siren vocals.

The show on Monday night was their first show in our fine city.  Their 45 minute set consisted mainly of songs from their latest two albums with a nice setlist finisher of older classic, New World Shadows.  Impressively, even though there were probably only 50 people in attendance, Omnium gave a set that was full of energy.

New Dynamic

The Unknowing


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