2016 Best of Metal List #2

Anthrax-For All Kings

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If anything, 2016 should really be known as the year that the 80’s thrash pioneers all came back in full force.  Metallica, Testament and Death Angel all released albums that have ended up on my list.  Even though they didn’t quite make the list, Megadeth came back with a really solid album, Dystopia. It’s really heartening to me to see so many bands this late in their careers release really solid and relevant albums.

Of the 80’s thrash bands to put out amazing albums this year, Anthrax managed to outdo them all.  Anthrax was a centerpiece band for me during my formative high school years.  I loved their hyper-aggressive style combined with the irreverent stage presence they brought to their live shows.  They were always a band that understood that live performances should always be fun.  Sadly, throughout the 90’s and early 00’s, Anthrax was a band that seemed to lose their way.  Once the grunge scene exploded, Anthrax just seemed to be grasping at straws to find out where they fit.  They hired John Bush from Armored Saint to take over on vocals and even though I’m a huge John Bush fan, he just never really seemed to gel with the rest of the band.  There are a lot of solid moments from the Bush-era albums, but they just never reached the pinnacle of Anthrax’s earlier career. In 2011, Anthrax finally got back with long-time front man, Joey Belladonna and released Worship Music.  This album was a breath of fresh air for me and proved to be a renaissance for the band.

The new album is a truly ambitious return to form for Anthrax and builds upon the momentum they created with Worship Music.  Interviews with the band directly credit the Big Four shows (Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax), as to kickstarting the new found energy within the band.  Seeing them perform live earlier this year was exciting.  The band is clearly enjoying themselves again and seem very proud of the pure metal they have been creating again over the past few years.  Here’s to hoping they can keep harnessing whatever inspiration has been pushing them forward.

Attached is one of the album’s tracks.  This one is a bit of a different song for Anthrax.  A little more on the epic side of things.  Also, the video is pretty gruesome.  Squeamish folks may want to look away while listening.

The list so far:

20(a).  Metallica-Hardwired…To Self Destruct

20.  The Dillinger Escape Plan-Dissociation

19.  Russian Circles-Guidance

18.  Anciients-Voice of the Void

17.  Abbath-Abbath

16.  Death Angel-The Evil Divide

15.  John Wesley-a way you’ll never be

14.  Black Crown Initiate-Selves We Cannot Forgive

13.  Opeth-Sorceress

12.  Gojira-Magma

11.  Sumac-What One Becomes

10.  Scorpion Child-Acid Roulette

9.  Neurosis-Fires Within Fires

8.  Khemmis-Hunted

7.  Goatess-II:  Purgatory Under New Management

6.  Testament-Brotherhood of the Snake

5.  Insomnium-Winter’s Gate

4.  Kvelertak-Nattesferd

3.  If These Trees Could Talk-Bones of a Dying World

2.  Anthrax-For All Kings

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