Crystal Fairy-Crystal Fairy

Well, this was a jaunty romp that I didn’t see coming.  Side project of Buzz and Dale from The Melvins, Omar from The Mars Volta/At The Drive In and Teri of Le Butcherettes.  This album is way more metal than one would think it would be just looking at its members’ past efforts.  But, damn, this thing is a slamming, catchy ride from beginning to end.  Terry from Le Butcherettes puts her best riot grrrl foot forward on this thing.  She is snarly.  She is flirty.  She is a damn powerhouse on the vocals.  Buzz from The Melvins really digs deep into his metal warehouse and pulls out some really tasty riffs to push the proceedings forward.

If you are looking for a fun record to put on to bounce around the house on a Sunday afternoon in your undies, this album would fit the bill perfectly.

3.5 flip flops out of 5

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