Amorphis and Swallow the Sun at Fitzgerald’s, San Antonio, 4/15/2017

So, this show was well worth braving the always lovely drive down I-35 to San Antonio Saturday evening.  Amorphis is one of those seminal melodic death metal bands that started out in the mid-90’s and has somehow managed to escape being seen in person by your truly until this night.  Their album, Tales From the Thousand Lakes, is one of the pioneering that helped codify the Scandinavian melodic death metal scene.

Everything about Amorphis is epic: their sound, their image, their subject matter.  Most of their albums are rooted in Finnish folklore and this results in everything coming across in a very grand and very epic feel.  You can definitely tell they grew up listening to Iron Maiden a lot.  I think the only downer on the evening was that the show wasn’t in a larger or outdoor venue.  Shooting flames would have been a nice touch to the stage show.  But, that being said, it was cool getting to finally see these guys up close in an intimate venue with around 100 or so people in attendance.

Fellow Fins Swallow the Sun opened the show and brought a very tight performance.  They provided a very doom-influenced death metal set that helped set the stage for the headliner.

In the videos below, check out vocalist Tomi Joutsen’s two-handled microphone.  It really looks like something handcrafted for a Mad Max set.  Also, guitarist Esa Holopainen is pretty much a dead ringer for Ned Stark.

Under the Red Cloud

Hopeless Days

The Smoke

Death of a King

Swallow the Sun

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