A Perfect Circle at HEB Center, Cedar Park, TX, 4/25/2017

So, as we wait…and wait…and wait…and wait…and wait for Tool to just finish the damn album, Maynard just keeps plugging away with his other two bands.  This year he has dusted off A Perfect Circle and is taking them out for a spin.  I dig A Perfect Circle.  They are a nice tide-me-over while we wait for the new Tool album.  I always kind of thought of these guys as Tool, Jr.  Maybe Tool Lite?  Tiny Tool?  Basically a mellower, more emotional and atmospheric version of Tool.  Got it?  Good.  It looks like we may even be getting a new album out of these dudes later in the year.  Hooray!

Not only do these guys sound an awful lot like Maynard’s main gig, but the stage show they bring has quite a few similarities to the Tool live show.  Lots ‘o lights to mesmerize and amaze.  Maynard is on his little darkened perch toward the back of the stage while guitarist Billy Howerdel and bassist Matt McJunkins prowl the main stage.  Other guitarist, James Iha, seems to have gravitated to Maynard’s idea and had his own little perch to Maynard’s right.  They put together a fairly nice slice of songs across their discography with an added highlight of a new song entitled, “Feathers”, to end the set.

I’ve got to talk a bit about Maynard and his shadowy little perch for a bit.  I get it.  You’re deep.  You’re mysterious.  You’re an artiste.  You want to create a live dynamic where the focus is on the music and lyrics rather than you.  You need a little privacy so you can get all weird up there by yourself.  Cool.  But how do we actually know it is you up there actually singing?  I have no friggin’ clue if that was actually you up there last night.  It could have been a body double up there lip-synching to a pre-recorded track and the crowd would have been none the wiser.  Maybe just once during the set, come on down to the lower stage and let us see your magnificence.  Don’t be shy.  We like you.  We really do.

OK…end of rant.  Keep on being your weird self, Maynard.  Just yell at the other guys in Tool to get their shit together.  I mean, it has been over ten years, guys.  Seriously.

Here are some samples from the show.  Not the greatest quality because our seats were a bit back from the stage and my attempts to avoid the Phone Nazi patrolling our area.


The Stranger

I feel like a failure on this one, but I seriously can’t place what track this is.  Anyway, enjoy.  Let me know in comments if you know the name of this song.

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