Royal Thunder at Barracuda, Austin, TX, 4/27/2017


It’s a word not normally associated with a metal band, but it just fits in this instance.  This show and this band are all about soul.

Even calling these guys a metal band might be a stretch, but I’m claiming them anyway.  They aren’t your run-of-the-mill metal band, but their sound has a definite heft which I feel places them safely under the all-encompassing umbrella of Metal.

This was a very tight and focused set.  The band brought their A-game this evening to a set list that focused primarily on their recently released third album, Wick (see review from 4/13).  The only real downsides of the show were that 1. it wasn’t a headline set and they only played for around 45 minutes; and 2. that the crowd was just so very small.  I really hope these guys can manage to latch on to a larger touring package at some point because it just feels that if you see these guys perform live, you are going to be hooked.  Vocalist Mlny Parsonz is truly one of the gifts the music gods have bestowed upon us lowly mortals.  I would put her head to head against any vocalist today working in any genre of music.  Such great depth and range of emotion pours out of her on stage.

Going to see a national headlining act at an arena or amphitheater is cool.  However, if you want to be moved, go see a small band playing in a small club for an even smaller crowd.  You can see them up close them pouring everything they have into trying to keep their dream alive and the small wave of appreciation that washes over them when they receive a positive response from the crowd.  This is not a glamorous life.  You can see it in the weariness on the musicians’ faces and in the shitty looking vans parked out in front of the venue in which they live for days on end.  Last night was a prime example of why I go to so many shows.  Those of you who know me personally know that I am kind of a jaded asshole who is generally not impressed by much.  However, one thing that has always tempered my apathetic side is music.  Scrappy little bands like Royal Thunder give me hope and make me feel a tad better about life.  Life would just be a giant cesspool without music like this and without people who are willing to take a chance to get their music out to the world.  Go support these kinds of bands.

Some samples:

Burning Tree


Parsonz Curse

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