Caligula’s Horse-In Contact

Yep.  That’s a prog album cover alright.  Bright colors.  Trippy landscape.  All the boxes are checked.

The album contained within does not betray the proggy announcement of its cover.  Caligula’s Horse is a group of Aussies who have only been at this game for less than 10 years.  After hearing the finished product, it’s kind of hard to believe these guys are relative newcomers.  This is a bright and polished piece of professional prog.

As opposed to some prog bands who let the keyboards take the lead, this is a very guitar oriented album.  The songs are very melodic and soaring in nature with certain passages that get downright heavy in places.  It seems as though these guys were inspired in part from the whole djent movement when getting down to the heavy parts.  As such, the prog presented has a very modern 2010-ish sound.  You’re even treated to one spoken word track on the album that sounds very much like a monologue that could have been ripped out of Les Miserables.

In a year of very strong prog releases overall, this is one that will find itself near the top of the prog heap by year’s end.  Check it out if you have any prog inclination or curiosity.

4 flip flops out of 5

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