Best of Metal 2017: #13 Zaius-Of Adoration

It seems like there are always going to be instrumental bands included on my best of lists.  As I said before, I’m not really a vocals-centric kind of guy.  So, bands that can create an interesting musical tapestry without the need for a vocalist always stick out to me.  Zaius is a band out of Chicago that just dropped their debut album late in the year and they will be perfect for fans of If These Trees Could Talk, Pelican and Russian Circles.  I’m certain we’ll be hearing lots of good things out of these guys for years to come.

Release date:  10/6/2017

Personnel:  Dann Dolce-guitar, Ian McConnell-guitar, Jeremy Bellen-bass, Mike Imbordino-drums

Origin:  Chicago, IL

Rating:  4 flip flops out of 5

The list so far:

13.  Zaius-Of Adoration
14.  Royal Thunder-Wick
15.  Steven Wilson-To the Bone
16.  Pallbearer-Heartless
17.  Spotlights-Seismic
18.  Cavalera Conspiracy-Psychosis
19.  Ancient Ascendant-Raise the Torch
20.  Galactic Cowboys-Long Way Back to the Moon

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