Best of Metal 2017: #12 Sorcerer-The Crowning of the Fire King

Scandinavian doom is an entirely different creature than American doom.  Scandinavian doom is a little more emotional and theatrical than its American cousin.  And it seems that Sweden holds the rights to perform this kind of music properly.  This is right from the foundations of Candlemass.  Long songs, slow dirge, soaring vocals.  If any of that sort of thing whets your whistle, then jump on board the good ship Sorcerer.

Release date:  10/20/2017

Personnel:  Anders Engberg-vocals, Kristian Niemann-guitar, Peter Hallgren-guitar, Johnny Hagel-bass, Richard Evensand-drums

Origin-Stockholm, Sweden

Rating:  4 flip flops out of 5

The list so far:

12.  Sorcerer-The Crowning of the Fire King
13.  Zaius-Of Adoration
14.  Royal Thunder-Wick
15.  Steven Wilson-To the Bone
16.  Pallbearer-Heartless
17.  Spotlights-Seismic
18.  Cavalera Conspiracy-Psychosis
19.  Ancient Ascendant-Raise the Torch
20.  Galactic Cowboys-Long Way Back to the Moon

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