Well, lookee here!  A brand spanking new Saxon album.  Let’s break out the checklist to see if everything is in order.

1. Songs about rockin’:  Check.  (They Played Rock and Roll (Motorhead tribute))
2. Songs about fast cars/motorcycles:  Check.  (Speed Merchants)
3. Songs about battles/dying in glory:  Check.  (Sons of Odin and Sniper)
4. Songs about the brotherhood of metal: Check.  (Roadies’ Song)
5. Songs about events in history:  Check.  (The Secret of Flight)
6. Songs about mythological gods:  Check.  (Thunderbolt)
7. Songs about fantasy/horror:  Check.  (Nosferatu and Wizard’s Tale)

Yep.  Textbook Saxon album

I kid of course.  I fucking love Saxon.  They are one of those quintessential metal bands.  They are one of the originals of the NWOBHM and if they have a bit of a familiar pattern nearly 40 years into the game, so be it.  What they may lack in breaking new ground, they more than make up for it by shooting pure professional no-nonsense metal straight into your veins.  Thunderbolt is just vintage Saxon.  Crunchy guitars.  Bombastic drums.  Biff and his trademark nasally wails and bellows.  They even work in a duet with Biff and Amon Amarth’s Johan Hegg which is absolutely perfect.

Go see these guys when they open up for Judas Priest when the two British legends tour the States during the Spring.  It’s going to be a blast of classic metal done proper.

4 flip flops out of 5

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