Power Trip at Mohawk, Austin, TX 6/7/2018

Well, this show was downright nuts.  I’ve been through quite a few pits over my years of going to shows and this was right up there as being one of the more intense ones I’ve ever experienced.  I really hope you people sincerely appreciate the sacrifice to life and limb I go through to bring you these first hand accounts.  Let’s face it.  Not only am I middle age, I’m very feeble and a tad on the dainty side.  And I wear flip flops.  I’m not exactly cut out for a mass of humanity slamming into one another.  But, I do it for you, dear reader.  I do it for you because I care.

OK, I do actually really enjoy this shit.  It’s where I feel at home.  You haven’t really lived until you’ve had a hairy dude who probably tips the scales at 250 pounds unintentionally bring his combat boot straight down onto your exposed toes.  Woooo!  It will make you feel alive!  The pit is cathartic.  It’s a release.  It’s fun to be in a controlled environment of aggression where it’s OK, even welcomed, to slam into your fellow concertgoers and, in turn, be slammed back with equal fervor and zeal.

Oh, and did I mention the smell.  Every pit has its own distinct fragrance, but underlying them all is a bouquet of B.O., cheap beer, weed and frustration.  Man, if Chanel could ever find a way bottle that smell, they’d really be on to something.  Eau de Moshpit, if you will.

OK, enough on the scene setting.  Power Trip is nuts.  They are a high energy crossover thrash metal/punk band out of Dallas.  Heavily influenced by the mid-80s thrash scene, their guitar sound is the epitome of metal.  It is that perfect pitch of crunch that is my reason for being.  This is a live band through and through and last night showcased them in top form.  You could tell that they really fed off of the energy of the crowd.  This was a really fun one and they are a band that should get you off of your couch next time they roll through your town.

I can’t recommend enough that you watch the limited video I was able to capture.  It was a struggle to stay in place and not drop my phone.  Video is not the greatest quality, but it should give you some sense of the sheer mass of chaos that reigned at the Mohawk last night.

Power Trip-Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Ax)

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