Kataklysm is just macho.  And not macho in that sassy Village People manner.  They are just a manly damn band.  Its music is heavy as shit.  Their lyrics are about war and revenge and inflicting much pain and other manly type endeavors.  Just reading through some of the song titles on this latest album should give you a pretty clear image of what you’re wading into:  The Last Breath I’ll Take Is Yours, Born To Kill Destined To Die, …And Then I Saw Blood, Narcissist, What Doesn’t Break Doesn’t Heal.  I mean, hyperbole much, dudes?  That is some serious over the top shit.  I really want to take these guys on a nice long walk into a flowery meadow or have them eat a cupcake or something.  I’m seriously kind of afraid to give this album anything less than a 5 flip flop review because their lead singer could probably snap me like a toothpick.

This is Kataklysm.  This is what they do.  No frills death metal with tons of attitude and quite a bit of groove.  Overall, this isn’t a bad album.  Nor is it really a good album.  I kind of feel like Kataklysm has hit a bit of a rut over the past couple of albums.  For some reason, there just aren’t any songs that really stand out or feel inspired.  Past albums such as Serenity In Fire and In the Arms of Devastation had a certain manic energy in them.  It was as if the guitar riffs, drum blast beats and Iacono’s death shriek were going to reach right through your speakers and squeeze the life right out of you.  That feeling is just missing on this latest album.  It just feels as if the band just went through the motions when creating this one.

3 flip flops out of 5

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