Psycroptic, Cannabis Corpse and Gorod at Come and Take It Live, Austin, TX, 5/1/2019

Tasmania.  Virginia.  France.  Three bands, three countries and all brought together on the same bill in the celebration of metal.

First on the bill was France’s Gorod.  France is not one of the European nations known for producing metal bands.  Sure, Gojira has shown a light on what the country can bring to the scene, but quantity-wise, France hasn’t produced in the way some of their European neighbors have done.  Gorod brings a highly technical death metal that focuses on intricate rhythms and an almost jazz-fusion type sound.  Their set was dominated by drummer Karol Diers’ fierce double-bass drum fury.  I spent their entire set just being pummeled by the concussive blasts coming from his kit.

Second up was Richmond motherfucking Virginia’s Cannabis Corpse.  I’ve kind of been on the fence with these guys up to this point because I’m not a big fan of the joke metal bands, i.e. Mac Sabbath and Galactic Empire.  Metal has enough trouble getting respect as a legitimate art form without having these kinds of gimmicky bands out there.  I don’t know.  Maybe I just need to lighten up.  Anyway, these guys are silly, but they did bring some pretty decent live chops.  At any rate, you’ve got Cannibal Corpse inspired death metal combined with lyrics celebrating the almighty bud.  Extra props for bring out a hype-man dressed in a pot bud costume who proceeded to jump off of the stage and start up a banging circle pit.

Headlining our death metal smorgasbord was Tasmania’s Psycroptic.  Another highly technical death metal band that combines it with a bit more groove a-la Lamb of God or Decapitated.  Their set was short and sweet, but provided a pretty good mix of older songs and ones of of their latest, As the Kingdom Drowns.



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