Allegaeon and Exmortus at Come and Take It Live, Austin, TX 7/10/2019

Death metal banger in the middle of the week.  Pretty decent crowd showed up for this one in both numbers and in rowdiness quotient.

Allegaeon.  The awesome band with the weird name.  I really dig these guys quite a bit not only for their super duper metal chops, but also for their down-to-earth and almost goofy stage presence.  It’s hard not to root for band of guys that just seem like they really enjoy what they are doing on stage.  I’ve seen them do their thing live a number of times now, but I believe this is the first headlining gig that I’ve seen them perform.  So, it was nice to see them go longer than a 30 minute set for a change.  Once again, they showed live why they are at the pinnacle of bands in the technical death metal realm.  The technical chops are all just off the charts, but it never comes at a sacrifice to the songs.  The songs are still catchy and memorable and never succumb to being pure musical wankfests.

Opener Exmortus (or the Sex Tortoise as Allegaeon’s singer, Riley McShane referred to them) is kind of an interesting beast of a band.  In presentation, they kind of come across as being from the power metal world with their synchronized headbanging and weird dueling guitar antics.  But the sound they bring is more of a thrashed flavored death metal.  Probably leaning more on the thrash than on the death side of things.  Even though I’ve never completely warmed up to this band, their set last night was very energetic and engaging.  I kind of understand the buzz surrounding these guys.




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