The Claypool Lennon Delirium at Emo’s, Austin, TX, 8/12/2019

“Fuck bottomless popcorn!”-kernel of wisdom from Les Claypool

Yeah, it wasn’t exactly highbrow repartee from the Delirium last night, but it was all in keeping with the darkly comic and twisted visions from the duo of Colonel Claypool of Primus fame and his cohort in crime, Sean (Shiner) Lennon.  This project is pretty much exactly as you would imagine coming from the musical brains of Primus and the spawn of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.  It is Primus toned down a bit in intensity with a psychedelic sheen sprayed o’er-top with a hint of some of the more hippy-ish moments from The Beatles.  In other words, it’s amazing.

Last night’s set relied heavily on their latest album South of Reality with a few choice covers worked in to balance out the set.  It was evident from the irreverent and ad-libbed stage banter that these two guys enjoy each other’s company and have created this project out of a shared vision of musical weirdness.  Good way to spend a Monday evening.

Little Fishes

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