Sean Reinert 5/27/1971-1/24/2020 RIP and Reed Mullin 2/12/1966-2/27/2020 RIP

So, 2020 has definitely started in a truly terrible manner, especially in the world of rock/metal drummers.  The past few days has seen the passing of two more noted drummers.  Obviously, neither of these gentlemen are going to inspire the worldwide mourning that Neil Peart did, but both deserve a shout out for their contributions to the art form that we love.

Sean Reinert was primarily known for his work with the groundbreaking death metal/atmospheric fusion band, Cynic.  Cynic was a heralded cult underground band that was one of the first death metal bands to incorporate a variety of other musical genres and elements to death metal.  The foundation for Cynic was laid when Reinert and long-time musical partner Paul Masvidal joined Chuck Schuldiner in the seminal death metal band Death on their acclaimed album, Human.  Reinert’s drumming style incorporated a creative style into the traditional death metal sound that influenced countless death metal drummers as to the different boundaries that could be pushed in this genre.  Equally important to his musical legacy was the fact that Reinert was among the small minority metal musicians to come out as a gay person.  His death is particularly jarring for me personally simply for the fact that we were the same age.

Reed Mullin was a founding member of the cross-over punk band Corrosion of Conformity.  COC started out punk, but eventually evolved into one of the mainstay bands trading in American sludge/grunge rock.  Mullin was one of those drummers that wasn’t flashy, but he had his own sound that was just solid and recognizable.  His work on their albums released throughout the 90s were some of the highlights in a time when metal was struggling to find its way after the 80s heyday.  Mullin’s battles with alcohol dependency and health issues in recent years had led to his stepping away from the band in recent years.

Cheers to you both and thanks for sharing your musical talents with us all.

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